Bay Boat Rental Marinas

You don’t need a boat to crab or clam; but, you can certainly rent one if you like. Most of these Marinas have everything you need, boats, crab rings, bait, and are located in bays that are very good for crabbing. You’ll also find that using a boat to clam can get you where others don’t normally go, and abundance can be better. Most of these marinas also will rent you a crab ring and bait (around $10) and you can crab right off their dock. If you want to go and just check it out, many will cook you a live crab for lunch too!


Bay Boat Marinas I’ve Used and Recommend (photos below)

Marina City Phone Rent Boats Dock Crab RV Park Camp
Kelly’s Brighton Marina Rockaway 503-368-5745 Yes Yes Yes Yes
McKinley’s Marina & RV Park Waldport 541-563-4656 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheeler Marina Wheeler 503-368-5780 Yes Yes
Silettz Moorage Lincoln City 541-996-3671 Yes Yes
Garibaldi Marina Garibaldi 503-322-3312 Yes Yes
Netarts Bay Marina RV Resort Netarts 503-842-7774 Yes Yes
Jetty Fishery Marina & RV Park Rockaway 503-368-5746 Yes Yes Yes Cabins
Embarcadero Hotel & Marina Newport 541-265-8521 Yes Yes Hotel

Bay Boat Rental Marinas – Examples on How They Are Setup