Shellfish License and Regulations

Shellfish Licenses

can be purchased at sporting goods stores, bait and tackle shops, and marinas anywhere in the state. In addition, if you’re at the coast you’ll find Shellfish Licenses right down the street at major department stores (like Rite Aids, Walgreens, etc.), grocery stores, and many gas stations. Wherever you buy a shellfish license they should also have shovels, rakes for bay clamming, and clam guns as well. The cost of an Oregon annual shellfish license is $10.00 for residents, $28 non-resident.

Clamming is open all year on the Oregon Coast. However, razor clamming is not. Oregon rules state that razor clamming on Clatsop County beaches North of Tillamook Head (south end of Seaside, Oregon) are closed July 15, thru September 30. That leaves everything south of Tillamook Head available all year long, no matter what type of clams your digging. In Washington clamming dates vary greatly and are published a few months in advance.

  • Shellfish License

    is Required
  • You Must Have a Shovel/Gun and Container
  • You Must Take Everything You Dig
  • You Can Not Assist Others
Shellfish License for Razor Clam Razor Clam First 15 Taken All Year – Tillamook Head North closed 7/15 thru 9/30
Shellfish License Gaper Clam Gaper,
Horse, Blue, Empire
12 All Year
Shellfish license Softshell Clam Softshell,
Mud Clam
First 36 All Year
Shellfish license Butter Clam Butter,
Martha Washington, Beefstake, Quahog
20 clams, 12 gapers in aggregate All Year
Shellfish License Cockle Clam Cockle,
Basket Clam
20 clams, 12 gapers in aggregate All Year
Shellfish License Littleneck clam Littleneck,
20 clams, 12 gapers in aggregate All Year
Shellfish License Purple Varnish Clam Purple Varnish,
72 per day All Year
Shellfish License Oyster Oyster Oregon not permitted All Year – Washington, Willapa Bay
Shellfish License Muscle Mussel 72 All Year
Shellfish License Crab Crab 12 males All year estuaries, bays, beaches; ocean closed 10/16 to 11/30

Shellfish Licenses can also be purchased online at Oregon Online – Purchase Shellfish License.

Contact ODFW by phone for more information:
  • Newport (541) 867-4741
  • Astoria (503) 325-2462
  • Charleston (541) 888-5515
  • Brookings (541) 412-7364
Contact Washington Department Fish and Wildlife.
  • 1(360) 902-2500.
Everything on this site is an interpretation only of state, local, and federal rules. and it’s contributors are not responsible for changing rules or any misrepresentations of any kind. If you are not sure, for more information on license and regulations always refer to: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Always check to make sure Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) in cooperation with ODFW have collected and tested razor and bay clams for toxins and that the area your clamming is open and safe. accepts no responsibility to the safety of clamming or consumption of bay clams or razor clams. To be safe contact Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife for information on regulations and testing for toxins.