Crabbing Docks in Oregon

Crabbing Docks in Oregon – Marinas and Key Things to Remember

Crabbing Dock
There are many bays and docks to crab in Oregon, see our “maps of twelve Oregon Bays” each showing specifically where to crab. Below is a list of Marinas, there are more in Oregon, but I use these frequently. Each allows you to crab on their dock if you rent crab rings and bait, if you don’t they might charge you a couple of dollars. Most all will also cook you a crab for lunch, many people just stop to have a fresh crab lunch!

Here is a list of key points when crabbing from a dock:

  • Everyone over 14 needs a shellfish license.
  • Slack tides are best (between incoming and outgoing tides).
  • Crab all year, but fall is when the crab’s meat is the fullest.
  • For bait turkey, chicken, mink, fish carcass, shad, herring, clams, etc..
  • Size is 5 3/4 inches across shell, not the widest points.
  • Leave pots 2hrs to 24hrs, rings 15min to 30 min.
  • Fresh water kills crabs, store in salt water or ice.
  • Boil for 20 minutes

Use your own, or rent crab rings and bait, and then use the Marinas dock.

Marina City Phone Rent Boats Dock Crab RV Park Camp
Kelly’s Brighton Marina Rockaway 503-368-5745 Yes Yes Yes Yes
McKinley’s Marina & RV Park Waldport 541-563-4656 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheeler Marina Wheeler 503-368-5780 Yes Yes
Silettz Moorage Lincoln City 541-996-3671 Yes Yes
Garibaldi Marina Garibaldi 503-322-3312 Yes Yes
Netarts Bay Marina RV Resort Netarts 503-842-7774 Yes Yes Yes
Jetty Fishery Marina & RV Park Rockaway 503-368-5746 Yes Yes Yes Cabins
Embarcadero Hotel & Marina Newport 541-265-8521 Yes Yes Hotel

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