Razor Clams in Ocean Runoff

You Know How To Dig In Sand and the Surf; Now Learn the “Third Way”,
Digging Razor Clams in the Ocean Runoff!

You can’t dig a razor clam you don’t see… and the easiest way to start clamming is by finding razor clams shows in the beaches hard wet sand. The second way is to pound in the surf one inch to one foot under the incoming tide,
Seaside, John Morris digging Razor Clams
John Morris of Seaside, OR Says,
“Never Give Up.” He Always Gets His Clam!
looking for razor clam shows to open and shut for a few seconds. But most people aren’t aware of the third way; which is finding razor clam shows when the ocean runoff dissipates, leaving a quarter inch, to 1/16 of an inch of water running back towards the Ocean. When this happens (with some patients) all you have to do is pick a spot and keep a watchfully eye for any anomalies in the sand.
Seaside, Or Clammy Annie, digging Razor Clams
Digging in Ocean Runoff
When clams feed, move or spit, you will see disruptions in the sand, only for a few seconds though, before the water covers the hole. So watch closely, and you’ll be rewarded. The more ways you know how to find Razor Clam shows the more likely you will limit out. So be patient when you are out there, if one approach doesn’t work, try another.