Perhaps the most difficult thing to do when you are new to a sport (yes razor clamming is a sport) is to determine where the best


is. Even if you’re a tenured expert chances are you frequent the same couple of places, or you don’t want to risk experimenting with locations to dig for a new clam species. Since location is so important we have put together a quick way for you to find that perfect spot. If you’ve never clammed, look for the green signs that point out it’s a great place, this will ensure easy access, an abundance of clams, and best odds at being successful on that first time outing.

Razor Clamming Beach Locations

Razor Clam locations.

Oregon and SW Washington Bay Locations

Bay Clam locations.

Throughout the site items highlighted in green indicate a preferred spot. Once you identity which beach you want to try, go back to the menu to get a more specific map of that location.

Information provided is a result of personal experience clamming at each bay location over a period of fifty-years, and local residences providing input and advice; as well as ongoing information from past Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife surveys. Information will change as incoming seas have a tendency to shift and move sand bars. The hope of this information is for people new to clamming to have a successful first time experience, but razorclamming.com is not responsible for the accuracy of this data, and the outcome, or results of your personal efforts.