Necanicum Estuary – Seaside

Nacanicum estuary from south shore.
South Shore Crabbing with Pole and Trap

Necanicum River Estuary

is located at the north end of Seaside, Oregon. Here you’ll find mostly Softshell Clams; however, according to locals there are other species as well. This estuary is frequently used for crabbing, both in the bay area, as well as from the 12th street avenue bridge in Seaside, Oregon. Many people tie their crab pot to the 12th street bridge and leave it there for a few days checking it a few times a day.
12th Street Bridge Crabbing Looking at Necanicum Estuary
12th Street Bridge, Tie Crab Pot Here
The best crabbing is by boat in the bay, but you can also use a crab snare, or trap with a fishing pole setup at the south side of the bay near the bar.

Crabbing is best when the water is salty, as crabs don’t like to feed in fresh water. So remember things like heavy rains drive fresh water out through the river and into to the ocean. Crabbing from a Low Tide to a High Tide will produce better results, as the ocean salt water is coming in. The water will be saltiest during the low–to-high tide swing, where the delta is smallest and makes for the least amount of water exchange.


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Information provided is a result of personal experience clamming at each bay location over a period of fifty-years, and local residences providing input and advice; as well as ongoing information from past Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife surveys. Information will change as incoming seas have a tendency to shift and move sand bars. The hope of this information is for people new to clamming to have a successful first time experience, but is not responsible for the accuracy of this data, and the outcome, or results of your personal efforts.