Willapa Bay – SW Washington

Oysterville, Washington and Wllapa Bay
Oysterville Mountain of Oyster Shells

Willapa Bay, Washington

is located on the east side of the Long Beach Washington, peninsula. On this particular day we razor-clammed on the north end of Long Beach in the morning. After we limited out we drove 15 minutes to Oysterville, at Willapa Bay, and limited out on Oysters.

Yum... Raw Oyster Right Out of Willapa Bay!
Yum.. Really Fresh Raw Oyster!
Carefull Don’t Eat Your Limit!
There is both “You Pay” areas to Oyster, and “no-pay” areas to Oyster. Your going to need a bucket, a shucking knife, a pair of gloves, and a baggie to put your shucked Oysters in. If you pay you’re allowed to take the shell, if you don’t, you are required to shuck them and throw the shell back into the bay. You can find more “How To” information here.

There is also crabbing and clamming in Willapa Bay. Washington shellfish regulations change often, both in areas, and dates and times. So to be safe check the Washington Department Fish and Wildlife website before you head out.


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Information provided is a result of personal experience clamming at each bay location over a period of fifty-years, and local residences providing input and advice; as well as ongoing information from past Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife surveys. Information will change as incoming seas have a tendency to shift and move sand bar. The hope of this information is for people new to clamming to have a successful first time experience, but razorclamming.com is not responsible for the accuracy of this data, and the outcome, or results of your personal efforts.