Gearhart, Oregon Coast


 Gearhart, Oregon Beach

starts at the Necanicum River and goes all the way north to the Columbia River. This is a very good place to razor clam, and many believe it just gets better the further north to the Columbia River you go. For years people have told me the clams are smaller here, but I have never experienced that, for me the size of clams here are the same as in Seaside.  
Razor Clamming in Gearhart, Oregon
McMenamins Gearhart Golf Course
Just find your way to the Gearhart Hotel and Golf Course (the oldest Golf Course on the west coast) and there is a beach entrance where you can drive your car onto the beach. From there you can drive all the way to the Columbia River, about 15 miles. If you don’t like the clamming where you’re at it only takes minutes to get to your car and drive up to Sunset Beach, Del Rey Beach, or Fort Stevens (which is about 15 minutes). When you limit out on clams in Gearhart, the McMenamins Sand Trap Pub is right there at the Gearhart Golf Course when you exit the beach. It’s also a great place to spend the night at The Gearhart Hotel at McMenamins Pub.


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Information provided is a result of personal experience clamming at each bay location over a period of fifty-years, and local residences providing input and advice; as well as ongoing information from past Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife surveys. Information will change as incoming seas have a tendency to shift and move sand bars. The hope of this information is for people new to clamming to have a successful first time experience, but is not responsible for the accuracy of this data, and the outcome, or results of your personal efforts.