Seaside, Oregon Coast

Seaside, Oregon

is Oregon’s most popular beach for many reasons.  
Tillamook Head Seaside, Oregon Beach looking south.
Tillamook Head Looking South
Not only is it just 80 miles west of Portland, Oregon, it is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast, and a beach that is widely known for razor clamming. In 2013 the clamming was superb; in fact, the clamming is reliably good here. With exception to a few years going back to 1964 when my grandfather taught me how to razor clam here in Seaside. There are two to three million clams dug each year from Tillamook Head,
Beach at Seaside, Oregon
Beach at Seaside, Oregon
  north to the Columbia River Spit, and the vast majority are dug here in Seaside. If this is your first time clamming you’ve come to the right place, adults and kids alike love to razor clam in Seaside, Oregon. You’ll also find that everything you need is conveniently located; you can book a hotel, have lunch overlooking the ocean, check out the nightlife, and go clamming, all without having to get into your car. To find more information about Seaside, Oregon go to Seaside Oregon Visitors Bureau.


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Information provided is a result of personal experience clamming at each bay location over a period of fifty-years, and local residences providing input and advice; as well as ongoing information from past Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife surveys. Information will change as incoming seas have a tendency to shift and move sand bars. The hope of this information is for people new to clamming to have a successful first time experience, but is not responsible for the accuracy of this data, and the outcome, or results of your personal efforts.