Crabbing From the Shore

Crabbing From the Shore and Docks

So you want to go crabbing but you don’t have a boat or crab pots. Well don’t despair, there are many way to catch crabs and some are very inexpensive. You can buy a Crab Net Trap, Crab Snare, or Crab Bait Cage at any sporting goods store ($6 to $12), pull some leftovers from the fridge, get twenty-feet of twine from the garage, and you are ready to go; you don’t even need a fishing pole.

Fact is, crabs aren’t too picky and not very smart either! So all you have to do is find a salty bay entrance, (check out our crab maps like this one of   Siletz Bay, Lincoln City).   Here you can see a salt water shore line close to the bay crab, get the bait (clams are best, then fish and chicken, etc..) out to them using rope or casting pole (surf pole works best), a trap, and pull them in. Bait, rope, trap, that’s it, it’s that easy! Here is a video below to give you some tips, but it’s fun and really easy!

How To Crab From The Shore

Or rent a crab pot and bait at these Marinas, and then use their dock.

Marina City Phone Rent Boats Dock Crab RV Park Camp
Kelly’s Brighton Marina Rockaway 503-368-5745 Yes Yes Yes Yes
McKinley’s Marina & RV Park Waldport 541-563-4656 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheeler Marina Wheeler 503-368-5780 Yes Yes
Silettz Moorage Lincoln City 541-996-3671 Yes Yes
Garibaldi Marina Garibaldi 503-322-3312 Yes Yes
Netarts Bay Marina RV Resort Netarts 503-842-7774 Yes Yes Yes
Jetty Fishery Marina & RV Park Rockaway 503-368-5746 Yes Yes Yes Cabins
Embarcadero Hotel & Marina Newport 541-265-8521 Yes Yes Hotel