Harvesting Oysters

Harvesting Oysters in Oysterville, Washington

Unfortunately harvesting Oysters in Oregon is not allowed, but it is allowed in Willapa Bay, Washington. Just go to Osyterville on the east side of the Long Beach peninsula you will see the oyster shell mounds and harvesting flats; as well as, Oysterville Sea Farms. You do not dig Oysters, actually, you just pick them up off the ground, and it’s just that easy!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Oyster harvesting is open all year, but you will need a low tide.
  • Over 14 you will need a Washington shellfish license.
  • Bring an Oyster Shucker (knife) and zip-lock bag.
  • You must shuck oysters where you find them and leave their shells
  • 18 is the limit, and if you eat them there they count against your limit
  • Place shuck oysters in your zip-lock bag in a cooler with ice.
During certain times of the year, marine toxins, produced by some species of diatoms (algae) are taken in by razor clams. When ingested, these toxins can cause illness and in very high concentrations can be fatal to humans, for that reason clamming during red tides is not allowed. The Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Health (DOH) sample clams on a routine basis. If high toxin levels are detected, clam seasons are delayed or closed. ODFW and DOH work very hard to provide a safe and fun resource to enjoy for all clammers. Contact ODFW to check on safety relating to red tides.


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